Tellico crashing when importing from CD data

Bill Gee bgee at
Sun Sep 26 16:10:57 BST 2021

If there is a more formal way to report this, please let me know.  

Fedora 34, Tellico version 3.4.1 as installed from the Fedora repositories.

I have a music collection database with about 4200 albums.  When I add a new album by going to File - Import - Import Audio CD Data, it usually works the first time.  If I then import a second album, Tellico almost always crashes with a core dump.  I restart Tellico, run the import again and it then successfully adds the CD.  Adding another one after that - crash.

This also happens sometimes when adding an album from the Internet (Add Entry - Internet Search).  It is not nearly as common, perhaps one in eight or ten times.

The problem is bad enough that I have got in the habit of saving the data file, then closing and reopening Tellico after every new album.  Also, this has been happening for some years with multiple versions of both Fedora and Tellico.  It finally got annoying enough for me to seek some help with it.

My hypothesis, unsupported by facts, is that the problem happens when parsing the data pack from MusicBrainz.  The crash does not occur instantly.  It seems to happen after 10 or 20 seconds of processing.  When I rip the CDs with SoundKonverter, that is about how long it takes to get data from whatever online source it uses.  SoundKoverter has never crashed, though sometimes the data it gets is garbage.


Bill Gee

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