BoardGameGeek import misses private data

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Mon Sep 20 02:25:48 BST 2021

Hi Jens!

On Fri, Sep 17, 2021 at 2:00 PM Jens Seidel <jensseidel at> wrote:

> I tried to import my bgg collection and it works well. Nevertheless the
> private data (purchase price, ...) is missing.
> According to
>                 • showprivate: Show the private fields (purchase price,
> etc). Default is 1 for logged in users, 0 otherwise, and showprivate=1 only
> works on your own collection, when you are logged in.
>                         • Syntax:
> /xmlapi/collection/<username>?showprivate=<0,1>
>                         • Example:
> - include private info zefquaavius has listed, provided you're zefquaavius
>                         • Example:
> - If you're zefquaavius, see what everyone else sees when viewing your
> collection: No private info
> So the question is: How can I login to bgg? I tried it in a parallel
> konquerer session but this did not help. Any idea?

Tellico's BGG import just isn't setup to read that (yet). I'll take a look
at expanding it to allow for private data to get imported.

> I am especially interested in the inventory location which is part of the
> private data but is not yet supported, at least there are no fields for it
> yet.

The default is usually to ignore data which doesn't correspond to any of
the default fields, but maybe an option to create new fields or map them to
custom fields somehow would work.

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