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> Your reply caused me to try something I've never tried before.  I
> created a new entry with only the title, medium, and artist.  Then I did
> an Update Entry on it.  I still get a server timeout if I attempt to
> update from MusicBrainz, but for my test case, an update from Discogs
> did fill in the rest of the information.  It remains to be seen how
> often that process might work for the rest of my collection (I've only
> entered about half of my CDs so far and none of my LPs).

 Since the basic lookup dialog doesn't (yet) have a way to add a complex
query that includes separate fields like year or artist, your approach of
creating a basic entry and then updating does actually execute a better
search. Discogs can use artist, release, and year while Musicbrainz can use
artist and release. Both of them also can lookup via barcode if you have a
field with that information.

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