New user: importing ISBNs issue

Rich Shepard rshepard at
Sat Jul 10 13:50:06 BST 2021

On Fri, 9 Jul 2021, Robby Stephenson wrote:

> The groups are automatically created from whatever values your books have.
> In the toolbar or in the menu, you can select which field is used for
> grouping. Only the fields which are marked as "allow grouping" do that,
> and you can change that from the Fields Editor dialog.


Yes, I found this by looking around the application. I now have the books
grouped by genre with categories that are useful to me.

> So for Binding, you have some books which have a Hardback value and some
> with a Paperback and some with no value at all. Those are your three
> groups. You can also group by Author, for example, and have multiple
> authors by separating their names with a semi-colon.

I noticed that. It was the unsorted ones that threw me at first until I saw
that the update left the binding field blank. I filled those in myself.

It's an excellent tool that so far does all I want. There's one feature that
would be helpful to me and it may well be in a 3.x version. When Pat
released Slackware-15.0 and I upgrade all hosts on the network I'll also
upgrade Tellico and learn what's different.

Thanks for your efforts and help with my learning to use Tellico.

Carpe weekend,


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