New user: importing ISBNs issue

Robby Stephenson robby at
Sat Jul 10 01:03:46 BST 2021

On Fri, Jul 9, 2021 at 3:00 PM Rich Shepard <rshepard at> wrote:

> Now I need to learn how to move entries from one group to another and
> change
> the groups from Bindings to categories useful to me.

The groups are automatically created from whatever values your books have.
In the toolbar or in the menu, you can select which field is used for
grouping.  Only the fields which are marked as "allow grouping" do that,
and you can change that from the Fields Editor dialog.

So for Binding, you have some books which have a Hardback value and some
with a Paperback and some with no value at all. Those are your three
groups. You can also group by Author, for example, and have multiple
authors by separating their names with a semi-colon.

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