Updating ISBN codes in Tellico

Xavier Brochard xavier at alternatif.org
Sat Feb 27 19:41:54 GMT 2021

Le 27.02.2021 19:33, José Marcio Martins da Cruz a écrit :
> I'd like to know what's the logic of inserting dashes (-) at ISBN codes 
> (where).

ISBN with 10 groups numbers contains
1. language or country number
2. editor
3. book number in editor registry
4. control sum

Each number (but the fourth) vary in size. For example if one wants to 
auto edit his books, he will receive an editor number with 6 or 7 
digits, that will left only one number for his book number but is 
enoough for someone that will probably never publish more than 2 or 3 

ISBN-13 are similar exept that there is more numbers.

You can find all the details and how to calculate on Wikipedia

I'm pretty sure there is a python's lib to manipulate ISBN.


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