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Hi Alex,

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> Dear Tellico Community,
> I am new to Tellico, but I am a long-time KDE user. I'm really impressed
> with Tellico, it's exactly what I was looking for, to help me manage my
> large technical book collection, and I thank you all for your work on this
> software.

Glad to hear that it's useful to you!

> I started my entering books into Tellico, and a question came to my mind.
> I have like around 200 books. It is very tedious to enter each ISBN number
> one-by-one. I'm wondering if instead there's a way to scan the ISBN
> barcodes on the back of the books, either with some scanner device, or
> ideally just with my Android phone.

There's some rudimentary scanner capability in Tellico, as long as it's
compiled with that support. I don't use it directly, so it's gotten a bit
old and I can't promise it works exactly. That would be with some sort of
scanner that can send keyboard input. I can't think of a way to use a
phone, unless you could scan many of the ISBN values into a text file on
the phone, which you could then use in Tellico.

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