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On Tue, Aug 3, 2021 at 11:16 AM Ann Hopkins <molto.libri at> wrote:

> Because my Linux version was different and I can't compare, but I saw some
> things that may be problems maybe not?
> 1)  Tellico Handbook under the Help menu - does nothing - maybe something
> you were adding later.

That might need khelpcenter to be installed. I'm not sure how to check on
that. But yes, it should work somehow, and now that you point it out, it
doesn't work on windows for me either.

2)  More of a question.  Can you not filter for "Checked Out" items?

No, as part of a filter at the moment. It's only in the additional tab. But
that's a great wishlist item. Tracked in

> 3)  Editor dialog for an item.  If you make a change the "New Entry"
> button dialog highlights and not the "Save Entry" button.
> I would also think that the "Save Entry" button should be on the left,
> especially since you wouldn't normally use the "New Entry" button that
> often.

The New Entry button begins as the highlighted/default button then doesn't
change at all. Let me see if I can make that more intuitive.
The button order is different on windows  (New, Close, Save, Help) than KDE
(Help, New, Save, Close) or Gnome, per the user interface guidelines, I
believe. Contrary to typical Windows dialog boxes, the "Save Entry" button
doesn't close the dialog, which is why it's not on the left (which would
usually be the Accept/Save type of button). But let me think on that one,
too, to see if a change would be appropriate.

Thanks for your feedback!
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