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On Thu, Aug 5, 2021 at 2:44 PM Clément Aubert <Clement.Aubert at>

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>> Is there any way of telling Tellico to fetch the macros in a .bib file
>> containing lines like
>> @string{Aubert={Aubert, Clément}}
>> and to update them accordingly?
> Importing the .bib file should do that.
> Indeed … sometimes.
> Is this a good place to fill a bug report? I've had inconsistent behavior,
> I believe, but further test is needed…
You've stumbled into some parts of the software which don't get used much,
so yes, looks like there are some bugs I wasn't aware of. Appending/merging
a bibliography fails to append the string macros. I should be able to fix
that quickly enough. I'm tracking it through

And yes, bug reports to this email list are fine. If it's a wishlist item
or something that may take a while, a full bug report at would
probably be best.

>  - Is there any way of "batch" importing multiple pdf in a collection at
>> once?
> Drag them from Dolphin into the Tellico window.
> I should have thought of that! (Actually, I tried, but there was a .dvi in
> the batch that made everything crash, I believe).
> Can you load pdf files from the command line, using e.g.
> tellico my-document.pdf
Not at the moment. I should extend the DBUS interface to allow importing
PDF and other files like that. Right now, there's limited functionality

> ? I've had crashes with all the files I've tried. I was hoping to do the
> traversal of my folders using some macros and the command-line.
I'll do some more testing about the crashes. That should never happen.
Unfortunately, some of the interface with the poppler library (which
Tellico uses to read the PDF file) is not robust. I can work on that too.

As you may be able to tell, asking questions and pointing out bugs or
improvements does tend to give me areas to focus on for further
development. So thanks!

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