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> The reason for me to use it, was to create a movie-database and tellico is
> the tool that fits my demands most. So i start filling data in the
> Database, using the movie-template of tellico and after three entries i
> have to customize the database with additional fields ("Original-Title"
> e.g). Easy to do.
> And this is the reason fo my question(s):
> 1. I can save the database in a *.tc-file. When i want to continue my work
> on another Computer with Tellico installed, can i use the *.tc-file and
> continue ... or are my added fields gone?
> (I work on my database in my Job and sometimes at home ...)
> 2. Is it possible to export the modified Template? I found no way to
> realize this and the documentation isn't really helpfull in this point
> *smile.

For 1), it depends on how you're saving your images. Best case is to
"Export as Zip" which gives you a self-contained database file that you can
move to another computer.
For 2), you can export your database as an XML and select "Export selected
entries only" without selecting any, and I believe that should give you an
empty collection file that you could use to start a new collection with
your modified fields.

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