Modifying and saving templates

SWK isegrimm at
Tue Apr 20 14:45:09 BST 2021

Hi ...

... my first post and my first Question ... *g

I'm using Tellico on Linux-Siduction with cinnamon-desktop ... and it works well.

The reason for me to use it, was to create a movie-database and tellico is the tool that fits my demands most. So i start filling data in the Database, using the movie-template of tellico and after three entries i have to customize the database with additional fields ("Original-Title" e.g). Easy to do.

And this is the reason fo my question(s):

1. I can save the database in a *.tc-file. When i want to continue my work on another Computer with Tellico installed, can i use the *.tc-file and continue ... or are my added fields gone?
(I work on my database in my Job and sometimes at home ...)

2. Is it possible to export the modified Template? I found no way to realize this and the documentation isn't really helpfull in this point *smile.


(Twitter: Isegrimm_666)

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