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Thu Sep 17 01:38:01 BST 2020

Hi, sorry it took a bit for me to respond.

On Thu, Sep 10, 2020 at 5:32 AM José Marcio Martins da Cruz < at> wrote:

> I have a little problem when updating data from external sources who
> doesn't answer (e.g. timeout, network problems,
> server down, ...).
> In this case I'm not able to easily find which source didn't answer. Is
> there a way to find it easily ? Is it possible
> to show some message ?

I take it you have multiple updates active at once, such that you're not
sure which didn't answer?

> A possible suggestion about this is to have some kind of log file, the
> same kind of thunderbird filter log file. This
> could, eventually, have other uses inside tellico. Surely harder to
> program but maybe useful.

Yeah, I understand the utility of a data source log file of sorts. At the
moment, if you compile with debugging support, any errors or timeouts will
partially show up on the std output. My debug messages aren't always that
consistent though. For Amazon, at least, since I can't debug it myself, I
added capability to use an environmental variable such that the data output
is written to a log file for later debugging.

A general purpose log file would be useful if there multiple issues or
problems. I added a wishlist bug to help me keep it in mind.

Thanks for the suggestion.

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