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On Thu, May 14, 2020 at 5:36 AM Fuzzy <tuser at fuzzyjazz.com> wrote:

> Would it normally be easy to take an existing project like mine (for
> display in a web browser) and adjust it to display inside tellico’s
> “generate report” window?  I’m curious whether I should work towards the
> goal of creating an actual report-template, or whether I should stick with
> the solution I have until I’ve learned more.

If it takes Tellico XML as input and outputs HTML, it can easily be a
report template. Drop it in your local template folder, described at

> Basically, what I have now is the full tellico.tc XML file with the
> following three modifications made to it:
> 1. After the <!DOCTYPE ... > declaration, I added the following line:
> <?xml-stylesheet type=”text/xsl” href=”nameofmy.xsl”?>
> 2. I deleted everything after the word “tellico” in the tellico tag (for
> some reason, things wouldn’t work with xmlns="
> http://periapsis.org/tellico/" syntaxVersion="11"> in it.  Is that the
> “namespace” entry?   Why would it run without that, but not with?)

So you're not generating the HTML with xsltproc or anything like that, but
having the stylesheet within the Tellico XML file. Nice, whatever works for

By default, Tellico outputs XML in its own namespace. The XSLT has to
account for that, there are various ways of doing it. The part quoted uses
a default namespace for all entities. Alternatively, you'll see it used
with a namespace prefix like tc:

> Is there a way to search the mailing list’s archive?

There are a few mirrors of the mailing list that you can search, though I
can't speak to their accuracy.

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