Hello! (and <image> tag/string question)

Fuzzy tuser at fuzzyjazz.com
Wed May 13 23:28:57 BST 2020

Hello everyone,

I just joined the list, so please forgive any breach in protocol.  

First...thanks for Tellico.  I love it.

I've used tellico for quite a few years (actually, I use it about twice a
year...but it has held my data for quite a few years).  My primary use of
tellico is to track my audio CD collection (yes, I still buy CD's when I
can...and even still collect old 78rpm's that I catalog too!).

I never looked "under the hood" of tellico before, and evidently didn't read
much of the documentation, because I had always thought tellico .tc files
were database files.  I discovered they weren't when I undertook the
following project two days ago:

I decided to create a customer view containing the Artist Name, Album Title,
and Musician's Names and which instrument they play on each album (this is
all data contained within my tellico data set already).  My end goal is
simply to (for lack of a better idea) take screenshots of the correctly
formatted data sets, then embed that screenshot as the "FRONT_COVER" image
of the id3v2 tags in mp3 files.  That way, when I'm listening to a tune, the
media player/device will be showing me a screenshot of the album name, the
title, and who is playing which instrument on that specific album/song.  

The first thing I realized was: Tellico files aren't SQL database files.
Then I realized they are basically XML files (correct me if I've missed any
nuance here...I really don't know what I'm doing).

Well, after spending a full 24 hours learning about xml and xsl, I finally
was able to successfully port the data I wanted from my tellico.tc file into
the format I wanted...all except the "image" data.  (In this case the CD
cover is contained within the .tc/xml file as a string?)  I haven't been
able to figure out how to turn that string back into an image (I'm simply
trying to have xsl export the image as an url("background.jpeg") type of
thing into my formatted output.)  xsl correctly grabs the proper
"whateverrandomcharacters.jpeg" filename, but I don't know how to convert
the actual image string back into a jpeg.  (Something that tellico does just
fine - so I know I'm missing something - probably something obvious.)

I'm not a programmer by any means, but I can follow program code fairly well
as I've dabbled in C, basic, Delphi, php, python, bash, GTK3/c, and (as
stated), I've figured out how to get xsl to produce the output I desire from
my tellico.tc file, etc.  Would this act of converting the string back into
a jpeg be within my reach?

Any direction would be greatly appreciated.

1.  Treating my tellico.tc file like an XML file
2.  Using xsl to "transform" that XML file to display only certain fields in
a certain way/format when opened via a web browser

3.  Everything works fine, except that I'm stuck figuring out how to take
the image data which Tellico has stored as a string, and convert it back
into an actual image so that I can display it in the web browser as a
background image to the appropriate album.

Thanks again - and please forgive any breach in protocol.


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