UI issues

Jared list-tellico at legroom.net
Fri Jan 31 07:56:55 GMT 2020

I've run into a couple quirks with the UI.  I'm not sure if these are
necessarily bugs, but I don't think it's intended behavior.

1. Tellico sometimes gets "stuck" on a particular item and doesn't
update the item view when another item is selected from the Group View
list.  While in this "stuck" state, if I select and try to update a
different game, Tellico updates whichever previous game was selected and
still displayed in the item view.  If I click on a different item in the
Collection View list, that *does* update the item view, and then I can
freely select other games in the Group View list again.

I've encountered this issue multiple times but haven't reported it
because I wasn't sure what causes it.  Updating a game seems to trigger
it pretty reliably, though.  See if this lets you replicate it:

a. Make sure you have both Group and Collection views enabled under
b. Add a new game under an existing platform, with just title and
platform entered
c. Save, then select the game so it's shown in the item view
d. Right-click on the game and update entry; after update, the full
content should be displayed in the item view
e. Click on another game in the Group View - if you've triggered the
bug, the previous game you updated should remain displayed regardless of
which other game you select
f. Try Updating that new entry, and note that Tellico first updates the
original item, then updates the currently selected item
g. If you click on an item in the Collection View, it "fixed" the
problem and lets you select any item again under the Group view

2. The font size of HTML-rendered text is /much/ smaller in this
version.  See screenshot below for example.  In version 3.2.3, the
rendered text was about the same size as the list and UI text.  Did you
change anything relating to how text is rendered since 3.2.3?  If not,
this may be related to compiling this myself and it linking differently
against the KDE libraries (though I run Gentoo, so even with 3.2.3
portage compiled it and linked against the same libraries).

Not a huge deal, but FYI.

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