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Robby Stephenson robby at
Sun Jan 26 02:24:17 GMT 2020

> I'll track my improvements in the code in a wishlist bug. Feel free to
> comment further if you like.

I think I got everything addressed in code improvements now. Search
requests that use the "Keyword" type can include the platform name, and as
long as it matches exactly, it will be used to narrow down the search
results. For update requests, existing platform names are also used to
minimize the number of API requests. The updates are improved to avoid
unnecessary requests which should cut down on hitting API request limits.

There's a configuration option for the image size, and any error messages
(such as hitting API limits) are shown to the user. The images are a bit
hit or miss in terms of how they're labeled in the results. If you spot
something that doesn't make sense, let me know.

These improvements will be in Tellico 3.3. Once anyone has a chance to test
them out, let me know if you see issues or room for further improvements.

Thanks again for providing your great feedback.
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