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Fri Jan 24 02:01:34 GMT 2020

something's really odd with the Update (as opposed to Search)
functionality.  After doing this a few more times, 30 seconds is
actually an /optimal/ time...  2-3 minutes waiting for one game is not

It also seems to be spamming API requests - I've had several instances
where Tellico simply stopped returning anything from MobyGames, whether
trying to update or search.  After a while it'd start working again....
until it stopped.  I finally tried poking at the API server from my
browser and got this response:

  "code": 429,
  "error": "Too many requests",
  "message": "Yikes, you've exceeded the max rate limit of 360
requests/hour. Your limit will be reset in 3 minutes."

I've successfully updated 8 games this run, with three no matches, and
then I ran into the above.  Somehow updating not even a dozen games
caused 360 requests.

Is Tellico maybe doing a search for a match, then also searching for all
details of all possible matches before it shows you the list of
choices?  That would somewhat explain the long delays and excessive
queries.  Is that intended behavior?

or am I perhaps doing something wrong?  I'd be happy to describe my full
process, but I'm basically just adding a bunch of games with
(essentially) just Title and Platform, then multi-selecting them and
selecting Update, MobyGames from the context menu.


On 1/18/20 4:56 PM, Jared wrote:
> I ran into an odd issue when updating a new item from a data source. 
> It seems to affect:
> 1. any game entered with just a title
> 2. multiple possible matches in the data source
> 3. running an update against mobygames
> As an example, I created a new entry names Zool 2, a Jaguar game
> (among other platforms).  When I update the entry against mobygames,
> it takes about 30 seconds to return a list of matching games.  When
> updating a list of new games, that adds up to an awful lot of time
> spent waiting on search results.
> Couple additional notes:
> 1. This is MUCH slower than searching for a game using the Internet
> Search feature.  Not sure why the search behavior from the update
> process would be so much slower.
> 2. Once the matching game/platform are selected, it completes the
> update quickly, so this only seems to affect searching, not pulling
> data for a particular game.
> Any ideas what might be causing this?
> -- 
> Jared
> On 1/18/20 4:18 PM, Jared wrote:
>> thanks!  I completely missed the import option.  Will give that a try.
>> -- 
>> Jared
>> On 1/18/20 2:15 PM, Robby Stephenson wrote:
>>> On Fri, Jan 17, 2020 at 9:05 PM Jared <list-tellico at
>>> <mailto:list-tellico at>> wrote:
>>>     is there a way to batch add items in tellico?  Eg., I already
>>>     have a list of, let's say, 100 games that I want to add. 
>>>     Currently, I'm searching, selecting, then adding them one at a
>>>     time.  Instead of that, is there some way to just feed it a list
>>>     of titles and let it do the searching and adding automatically?
>>> Books can do that with adding multiple ISBNs at a time, for certain
>>> data source. But that's about the extent of batch addition.
>>>     or perhaps feed it a list of titles that it just adds with no
>>>     additional data, then use update sources on all of them?
>>> Sure, just import a text file, single title per line, as a CSV. Then
>>> select multiple items and update from data source.
>>> Robby 

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