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Tue Jan 7 06:14:23 GMT 2020

Hello.  Have a couple questions about looking up games from

1. Tellico doesn't populate Genre, Publisher, or Developer, even though
all of that information is present with the game.  Is there any
reasonably straightforward way to fix that, or does that require
updating the core scraper (thegamesdbfetcher.cpp) and recompiling tellico?

2. Tellico maps games to a preset and seemingly hardcoded set of
platform names.  Ie., PlayStation 3 games show up as 'PlayStation3'. 
I'd like to tweak those names, such as 'Sony PlayStation 3', 'Nintendo
Super NES', etc. instead of using the built-in names, but when
populating games via the scraper it always reverts to those original
platform names.  This is especially odd since TheGamesDB itself uses
'Sony PlayStation 3' as the platform now, but adding Uncharted 2 results
int he platform being named PlayStation3.

Is there any way to map those default values to my preferred names, or
override the defaults, anything like that?

Thanks.  And don't mean to sound so nitpicky - trust me, really
appreciate all you've done with Tellico.  I'm just very particular about
my collection - would like to adapt it to my standards rather than the
other way around if anything like that is possible.

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