"Small suggestion"

José Marcio Martins da Cruz jose.marcio.mc at gmail.com
Tue Dec 22 12:32:46 GMT 2020


I use Tellico to manage my books, around 2000 thousands.

A suggestion... Don't know how hard it is. And surely not really needed. Just a confort.

Sometimes I add a book to my collection, and I fill all fields updating data from sources. Sometimes the book cover 
image is found in some source but not always. When this happen, I can add it if I have it as a image file in the 
computer... So, I go to, e.g., Amazon, I look for the book, I save the image as a local file and I import it to Tellico.

It could be nice if it could be possible to bypass the file save/import step and just do a copy/paste.

I don't know if this is easy or not... Just thinking.

Maybe this can also be useful on other kind of collections. And maybe this is already possible and I haven't found how 
to do...

Best regards and happy new year


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