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We have several collections where we use counters (other than the internal
ID).  Currently we assign the numbers by hand.  That's why we asking if
there would be some more automatic way.

About the 'derived value' fields, it is a very interesting feature that we
would like discuss in a separate thread.

¬°Muchas gracias!

El lun., 24 sept. 2018 a las 1:27, Robby Stephenson (<robby at>)

> On Sun, Sep 23, 2018 at 4:31 PM Urban Planet
> <urbanplanet.manticore at> wrote:
> > As I can see, the ID field is a field with a 'derived value' built with
> the string of characters @id.  I'd like to know more about its
> functionality:
> >
> > Can the user set options?  For example, a counter that begin with a
> given number, o a series of a countdown numbers....
> Tellico assigns an id integer to every entry. If entries are deleted,
> the ID values won't be contiguous. The ID field just exposes the
> internal ID value to the user. The @ symbol indicates an internal
> value.
> > Are there more possiblities with the @-sign?  For example, something
> like @xx (not only @id)?
> Derived fields can combine values from any field, but using
> %{field-name} or %{field-title}. Coin collections, for example, use as
> a title a combination of the year and mintmark of a coin. You can also
> do some minimal selection from multiple values or number of
> characters. See
> Those capabilities aren't used very often. If you have suggestions for
> expanding them, I'm be happy to hear them.
> Robby
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