sync not working

Robby Stephenson robby at
Wed Oct 31 01:04:28 GMT 2018

On 10/30/18 7:25 AM, Simon Fernandez wrote:> I just installed tellico
on a newly installed Ubuntu 18.04, and when using
> the built-in data source, nothing is returned, no matter what
> I search.
> Am I the only one getting this error, and how can I fix this ?

It's a bug, just fixed it for next release. Thanks for reporting it.

> It seems that periodicaly changes its API, so old versions don't
> work, but last change seems to be in 2015 and the search pluggin
> was added in 2017, so it should be fine...

Not sure what you're checking, there's no API that I'm aware of. Did I
miss something?


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