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Simon Fernandez simon at
Tue Oct 30 11:25:24 GMT 2018


I just installed tellico on a newly installed Ubuntu 18.04, and when using
the built-in data source, nothing is returned, no matter what
I search.

Am I the only one getting this error, and how can I fix this ?
It seems that periodicaly changes its API, so old versions don't
work, but last change seems to be in 2015 and the search pluggin
was added in 2017, so it should be fine...

OS : Ubuntu 18.04, all up to date.
Same bug with : Archlinux 4.18.16
Tellico : 3.1.2, brand new install
Steps to reproduce :
    - Open a Comic Books Collection
    - Click the Search button
    - Choose Bedetheque as target
    - Enter any information in the search bar
    - Search
    - Result : "The search returned no item"

Thanks a lot for your help,

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