Feat. request: Paragraph field tabs with several fields

Urban Planet urbanplanet.manticore at gmail.com
Wed Oct 17 00:11:59 BST 2018

El lun., 15 oct. 2018 a las 12:15, Robby Stephenson (<robby at periapsis.org>)

> You basically discovered unexpected behavior when merging multiple
> files. I wasn't even aware it would end up with multiple text areas
> for the field. There are areas in Tellico that assume a single text
> block for a paragraph field. I'd have to think about how to manage
> that - what's your thinking about why multiple field/tabs aren't the
> right way to handle it? If you put multiple carriage returns there, it
> should retain the formatting.

Well, with multiple paragraph fields in the same tab it would be easier
to assign each field to a particular subject, with the ability to see all of
then at once.
Two years ago, when we discovered this unexpected behavior, we
feared the risk of data loss from one of the two fields and deleted the
second field.  At this moment, we have decided to keep both fields (with
its imported data) and see what happen.  For now, Tellico is saved and
opened correctly.
Really, this is not a very important feature for us.  But it would be
a nice standard.  If this require a large code transformation, we
understand that it stays as it is.
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