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Fri Oct 5 12:32:49 BST 2018

El vie., 5 oct. 2018 a las 2:44, Bruno Cornec  escribió:

> Hello tellicoers !
> oDue to the issues I had to created in an automatic fashion a web site
> from my tellico data, I passed a bit of time these last days to create a
> script perfoming it for me, and thought it could be of interest to this
> community.

That sound great!  We don't use the Export functionality for generate
our web lists, but the Report functionality, whose html pages we upload
to our blogs.  Some examples:
-From our library:
-From our barter club:
-From our collectionist club:
-From our solidarity section:

These are only a part of our lists in blogs.  As you can see, we depend
on Tellico for a large subset of public activities and we are very
interested in all kind of things that improve its productivity.

We'll test your script.  Thanks!
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