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J. Allen Crider software-eng at cridermcdowellfamily.com
Wed May 30 15:27:54 UTC 2018

Thanks for the information.  After a little more research, I installed 
the packages Kdemultimedia, kdemultimedia-dev, kio-audiocd, and 
kio-audiocd-dev.  I then rebuilt Tellico.  Now after entering the album 
info in K3b I was able to import it in Tellico.

On 05/29/2018 08:40 PM, Robby Stephenson wrote:
> On Mon, May 28, 2018 at 2:19 PM, J. Allen Crider 
> <software-eng at cridermcdowellfamily.com 
> <mailto:software-eng at cridermcdowellfamily.com>> wrote:
>     I've added over 2000 albums to my music collection in Tellico so far
>     and have a couple of ideas for features that I would like to see added.
> Thanks! I always appreciate hearing suggestions.
>     1.  I have a lot of multi-disc sets that I prefer to store as a
>     single album.  If I can find the album in MusicBrainz, it is often
>     the way I want it, but if I use "Import Audio CD Data...", the only
>     thing I've found that works is to import the first disc and then
>     manually add the tracks for all other discs.  A way to merge entries
>     to add all of the tracks from one album to another would be very useful.
> One workaround, albeit still inconvenient, would be to import the data 
> from both discs as separate entries, then in the second disc, create 
> empty rows in the track list matching the number of the tracks in disc 
> 1. Then select disc 1 first, drag to select disc 2 (or shift-click), 
> then right-click and select merge. If all the other properties match, 
> then Tellico will merge the track list.
I'll give this a try the next time I'm ready to add a multi-disc album 
not available at MusicBrainz.

>     2.  I sometimes take the time to use K3b to rip CDs as I am adding
>     them to Tellico.  It works well if the online CDDB database used by
>     both applications has the album.  But if the album is not in that
>     database or if the information in that database isn't accurate (lots
>     of typos, etc.), I have to edit the information in both applications
>     to accomplish what I want.  K3b does have the capability of saving
>     the edited information to locally (in ~/.cddb) and sometimes it
>     retrieves that data instead of the online data if the CD is
>     reloaded.  It would be real nice if Tellico could load that local
>     copy when importing CDs and/or if Tellico could export CD
>     information for use in K3b.
> Tellico uses KCDDB to retrieve cddb data, and the KCDDB system settings 
> include the cache data location. If that's set properly, then Tellico 
> should read the local data before doing a remote retrieval. It sounds 
> like that's not what you're observing.
> In the "Import Audio CD Data" dialog, there's also the option to import 
> ALL the local data. But that's overkill.
> --
> Robby

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