tellico and SRU Servers as own data definition. (found a problem)

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Tue Jul 3 01:50:22 BST 2018

On Sun, Jul 1, 2018 at 11:32 AM, dennis knorr <dennis.knorr at> wrote:

> did you register yourself or how were you able to make that searches? i
> had to register and obtain a tokennumber :D

Yes, I registered for a search token for testing.

> how did you knew that they used a different/valid scheme? shall i talk
> to them that this is something they should work on? i have no idea if
> they listen to me, but it could be worth a try. They were interested in
> my picture using their system which i sent them.

The SRU search returns the MARCXML, and Tellico does an intermediate
conversion from MARCXML to MODS using the stylesheet from the US Library of
Congress, before importing the MODS result. Near as I can tell from the LoC
MARCXML/MODS website, if there are multiple records in the result, LoC
expects there to be a marc:collection element wrapping them.  But the DNB
result doesn't do that. They're wrapped in SRW records.

> if it is not a *invalid* scheme, but you interpret it another way, is
> there a possibility to add your modified scheme to your application
> package?

Invalid was probably too strong of a word to use. XML tends to get a little
tricky when multiple namespaces are used. I'll tweak Tellico's import to be
a bit more generic which should work fine.

> and another question, with some book searches, i not only got text, but
> images as well. the DNB does not seem to send links to pictures of the
> covers of the books. is that a bug of the xml? or do you think they did
> that on choice? that is more of an commodity, but that would be nice.

Historically, library records didn't have images, of course, and MARC was
really built to be 1-to-1 with that data. If there was someway to tell the
DNB server to include image links, Tellico could take advantage of that.
I'm not sure if that's something they've thought of or not.

> and it seems i lost my images, which i already had in the database. is
> there way of refetching pictures of books, which i imported via internet
> search?

Tellico has the "Update Entry" command to fetch from other sources and
merge with existing data.  That might work for you.

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