tellico and SRU Servers as own data definition. (found a problem)

dennis knorr dennis.knorr at
Sun Jul 1 15:32:33 UTC 2018

Hi Robby,
now i am back from the companyworkshop :D
did you register yourself or how were you able to make that searches? i
had to register and obtain a tokennumber :D

i now get many results as well, THANK YOU! You're awesome!

how did you knew that they used a different/valid scheme? shall i talk
to them that this is something they should work on? i have no idea if
they listen to me, but it could be worth a try. They were interested in
my picture using their system which i sent them.

if it is not a *invalid* scheme, but you interpret it another way, is
there a possibility to add your modified scheme to your application
package? or is this something you wouldnt like?

or should that be a new module, which i  could/should work on? (because
of different search strings for title, author isbn and so on) i would
really like building a module =)

and another question, with some book searches, i not only got text, but
images as well. the DNB does not seem to send links to pictures of the
covers of the books. is that a bug of the xml? or do you think they did
that on choice? that is more of an commodity, but that would be nice.

and it seems i lost my images, which i already had in the database. is
there way of refetching pictures of books, which i imported via internet


Am 26.06.2018 um 03:46 schrieb Robby Stephenson:
> HI Dennis,
> Sorry it took me a bit to respond, I've been on travel.
> On Sun, Jun 24, 2018 at 3:26 AM, dennis knorr <dennis.knorr at
> <mailto:dennis.knorr at>> wrote:
>     Ahoi! :-)
>     after digging through the sourcecode and working with the network
>     sniffer i identified following working search string:
>     <>
>     the recordscheme marcxml is not known at the dnb, it has to be
>     MARC21-xml, and at first i had problems with dc.title, too. but that
>     seems to work.
>     this only seemed to work, if i edit the config-file and entered there
>     the correct value.
>  You can set the recordschema to MARC21-xml directly in Tellico. Add
> your accessToken in the parameter list there. I'll attach a screenshot.
> Sounds like you got that to work.
>     at the moment i think, there could be a problem with the order of HTTP
>     parameters, but i have to verify that.
>     at the moment the search results only show one result, though more are
>     delivered. but i have to look into that.
> Now, as to why there's only one response, DNB isn't sending back valid
> MARC21 XML as Tellico interprets it, based on the Library of Congress
> schema. If you modify the installed MARC21slim2MODS3.xsl file slightly,
> it'll work. I'll attach a modified copy - overwrite your installed
> version or put a personal copy in ~/.local/share/tellico/.
> With those changes, I get over 25 results in Tellico.
> Robby

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