Recovery from disaster!

Peter Mayes peter at
Sat Aug 11 22:44:52 BST 2018

I recently had a disaster. My backup scripting was supposed to be 
idiot-proof, but I clearly under-estimated myself! My Tellico files 
disappeared :-(

However, I do have an HTML export from around a year ago, and I haven't 
acquired that many CDs since.

I guess what I am thinking of doing is converting the output into CSV, 
and re-importing back into Tellico.

I have "music_collection.html" and "music_collection_files/".

"music_collection_files" contains 1173 HTML files, and 713 JPEG files 
(the front covers).

The HTML files contain all the individual track information.

I realise this is going to be quite a task, but I am competent with Unix 
tools like vi, emacs, sed, grep, awk, etc. And I can also do scripting 
in bash, perl, Python (a bit).

So what I am after are some hints and tips about how best to go about 
this task.

If anybody is mad enough to want to have a go themselves, most likely 
with a very small subset, my music collection can be found at

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


Best wishes -- Peter
Peter Mayes
07460 890503

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