tellico crashes immediately using debian 9.4 "stretch"

Robby Stephenson robby at
Tue Apr 3 11:29:34 UTC 2018

On Mon, Apr 2, 2018 at 8:16 AM, Mike Fugal <mfugal at> wrote:

> My favourite collection manager doesn't work with the new Debian 9.4.
> I've tried two different installs (a netbook using the unofficial Live CD
> with 3rd Party firmware) and a straight Debian 9.4 official amd64 DVD1.
> Both systems crash immediately and won't let me file bug reports.

It's possible you're hitting this bug or one like it:

Unfortunately, I don't have any suggestion other than upgrading to a newer
version of Tellico. I don't know if it was confirmed that version 2.3.12
had fixed this problem or not.


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