Parser error : Content error in the external subset

Mathew Newton mathew at
Tue May 23 08:49:33 UTC 2017

Hi Robby,

On 23-05-2017 01:55, Robby Stephenson wrote:

> Add --novalid
>  unzip -p tellico.xml | xsltproc --novalid
> My_Columns.xsl - > default.htm

That worked perfectly!

> That does appear to be the issue. I'm a bit surprised that xsltproc
> does a network check on the DTD by default. I never knew that. But
> yes, my personal website is down at the moment since I was moving some
> things around. I didn't realize that would cause any xsltproc runs to
> fail, but the "--novalid" flag does short-circuit that check.

Is it safe to leave the flag in indefinitely, or would it be beneficial 
for me to remove it once your site is back up?

> Thanks for asking, I learned something!

Not at all; a big thank you for such a quick response and indeed the 
great tool.



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