[Tellico-users] Image management with tellico

Bruno Cornec bruno at victoria.frmug.org
Sun Jan 24 01:52:02 UTC 2016


First let me wish Robby and this community a happy new year 2016 (not so
new anymore) !

I've a now pretty big) CD collection. I'm getting the content from CDDB
(despite previous comments, I think it's a good (and free) content to
use), and when it doesn't contain what I need, I update the CDDB before
importing it in order to have a clean entry.

But CDDB doesn't provide images of the cover :-(

So I'm looking to a way to import them automatically. 
Amazon provides them, and giving in its search bar the label and rf
number of the CD generally leads to it, and its cover image.

Now what would be the best way to automate that process ?
Should I make an Update Entry menu entry to point to "update cover with
amazon" e.g. (or another source if it makes sense) ? Where should I look
at to do that ?

It seems that in the .tc, when importing a cover tellico creates a
<cover> item with a hash as a ref stored under the _files dir. Should I
do that myself outside of tellico and just update the XML ? 

Any hint as to where I should look (but I'm not a C++ expert :-() in
order to add this function to the tool would be great.

Best regards,
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