[Tellico-users] Several Issues

Robby Stephenson robby at periapsis.org
Sun Jan 3 19:54:29 UTC 2016

On 01/03/2016 11:03 AM, Bill Gee wrote:
> Item A - I also run Fedora 23 and Tellico version 2.3.10. On my system
> the option to Import Audio CD Data is greyed out. I mentioned it a while
> back and was told it was probably disabled by the packager. Since then I
> have not missed it much, certainly not enough to pursue it. If Peter
> DOES have the function available, then it seems it is not a problem with
> the packaging. Something else has caused it to go away for me.

If it's greyed out, then Tellico was not compiled with support, linking 
to the KCDDB library. That's the only thing that would cause it to be 

> Back when it did work, I found Tellico would almost always crash when
> trying to import data from an SACD Hybrid, especially disks from
> Pentatone Classics. It got so bad I stopped even trying. Tellico should
> NEVER crash when trying to import data. It should have some sane method
> of handling errors during the import process.

I would agree with you - crashing bugs annoy me the most, and I do my 
best to make sure Tellico doesn't crash. Unreproducible bugs are tough 
to fix, though.

> There is a disconnect between what is allowed in ID3 tags and what
> Tellico allows. The one that bothers me most is the Artist field. In a
> music file the Artist field cannot have multiple values. In theory this
> is allowed, but in practice I have never found player software that
> properly recognizes the values. For this reason importing direct from
> ID3 tags to Tellico seems rather pointless.

True, from what I remember, Ogg and FLAC are much better at storing 
multi-value fields than mp3. Tellico should recognize them appropriately.


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