[Tellico-users] Unable to load library file.

Robby Stephenson robby at periapsis.org
Wed Aug 5 01:35:56 UTC 2015

On 08/04/2015 03:41 PM, Rich Burridge wrote:
> I entered 7 new books on Monday and that seems to work just fine.
> I went to open tellico today, and it's unable to load the library
> file (set to auto-load at startup). I get the popup error message
> at 49%.

What's the error message, just the "Unable to load" one ?

> This is with Ubuntu 5.04 (64-bit x86).

Which version of Tellico?

> Is there anything I can do to further debug this, or options that I
> can tweak?

Is there a backup .tc file, perhaps with a .tc~ extension? Try renaming 
that to something else, with a the .tc extension and see if Tellico will 
open that one. If the data file got corrupted somehow, that might allow 
you to recover most everything.

As for debugging, if you run it from the command-line, there might be 
some diagnostic messages, depending on how Ubuntu compiled it.


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