[Tellico-users] Eliminating duplicates in book library

Robert Waldner waldner at waldner.priv.at
Sun Nov 24 21:33:45 UTC 2013

On Tue, 12 Nov 2013 21:48:21 -0800, Robby Stephenson writes:
>> Is there a way to eliminate duplicates, preferrably based on title
>>   (quite some of my books predate ISBN)? Or do I have to bite the
>>   bullet, so to speak, and go through the whole list manually?

>There's not an easy way built into Tellico. But you can do it through an 
>XSL transform.
>I've attached one that should remove duplicates, matching by title.
>1. Export your existing collection as XML (File->Export->XML).
>   * Uncheck the "Include images" to test it
>2. Import using the transform (File->Import XSL Transform)
>   * Select the XML file you already saved
>   * On the next dialog, select the XSL attached to this email and 
>select "Replace collection"
>3. Save as a new collection file, just to be sure
>See if that works for you.

Sorry that it took so long for me to test it - I made an error in my 
 .procmailrc for this list, and never saw the mail.

It worked! Thank you very much, indeed - should we ever meet beers are 
 on me.

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