[Tellico-users] Bug: Google Scholar Fetcher

anubis anubis anubis_1001 at hotmail.fr
Fri Nov 8 13:25:53 UTC 2013


I have some troubles with the google scholar fetcher. When fetching info for more than 50 entries (usually), google asks for a capatcha verification. Then the fetcher will fail for any other next entry.
The fix would be to ask the user to fill capatcha when google asks for it.

Also, when updating more than one entry, sometimes tellico asks us to choose which entry is better (when more than one entry is returned by the fetcher). The dialog is shown every time this happens, and the fetching is stopped. This is annoying when there are many entries (hundreds). The solution would be to either not stop the fetching, or to show all these dialogs at the end.

Finally, when fetching info for a entry fails, it would be nice to inform the user what happened.

Sorry, I have no contribution for these, but I wanted to pose these issues anyway.
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