[Tellico-users] Have a common base ? : books, BD, movies == problem of search(research) on the Internet (example by amazone)

Philippe le vaillant phlvat at gmail.com
Wed Mar 20 07:43:15 UTC 2013


First of all one thank you for your development j ' has it to try others
but that this is really practical and intuitive

I shall like I can manage in the same file or base(basis) (I already make
him(it) at present between book(pound) and BD) books(pounds) and movies,
but for the search engine for example about rider does not allow to do it.
There is certainly a selection criterion? Upstream....
Can use me?
Thank you

The fact of being able to choose its fields to add to modify them it is
really great thank you again

 there also the possibility in putting the application in network?

35000 RENNES
06 20 15 59 72
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