[Tellico-users] tellico 2.3.8 compile errors and other stuff

Michael Jahn jahn.michael87 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 30 20:12:52 UTC 2013


1. I can't compile 2.3.8 (but 2.3.7, which I am using atm), errorlog:
2. It is not possible to copy (e.g. a books comment) with Control-c in
the Search-Window, neither is there a context entry for it. So it would
be nice to have this feature.
3. I am mostly searching a couple of ISBN entries at once, but sometimes
it shows me ISBN's that allegedly are not found, but they were found.
4. Rarely the search results are not cleared correctly (few results
still remain). But after a second click on "Clear" all results are
5. Searching/Filtering a ISBN in your own Catalogue is annoying, because
you must insert the "-" between the numbers.
6. It would be really really nice to have an autosave function, I had 2
crashes, in which i invested ~30min to fill the catalouge without saving and
ends in a crash. That was quite annoying.

And at least, I'm really happy to found such a nice Catalogue Software
(which still has few weak points). And I really appreciate your work.


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