[Tellico-users] Tellico 2.3.8 Released

Robby Stephenson robby at periapsis.org
Mon Jul 8 04:31:35 UTC 2013

Tellico 2.3.8 is available. Several bug fixes had accumulated so it was 
time to pull everything together for another release.


* Updated ISBNdb.com fetcher to use v2 of API.
* Updated GiantBomb fetcher for XML changes in responses.
* Added coverartarchive.org to MusicBrainz data source.
* Updated Allocine fetcher for website changes.
* Added fetcher for VNDB.org.
* Added Dewey Decimal and LCC to ISBNdb.org results.

Bug Fixes
* Added Bibtex importing for drag/drop text (Bug 319182).
* Fixed Entrex/Pubmed fetcher for summary requests (Bug 319501).
* Fixed bug with retaining allowed values when adding entries from data 
sources (Bug 317905).
* Fixed bug with not properly escaping text in CSV exporter (Bug 317473).
* Fixed regexp in Google Scholar fetcher to set cookie (Bug 316550).
* Fixed character encoding in IMDB results list (Bug 314113).
* Fixed crashing bug with OpenLibrary and DVDfr fetcher (Bug 319681).
* Fixed memory leak when updated entries (Bug 316449).

As always, it's always possible I screwed something up so let me know if 
I did, thanks! :) The best place for discussion is the tellico-users 
email list.


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