[Tellico-users] Multi user ability?

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Sun Feb 3 13:28:09 UTC 2013

Hello Robby,

thank you for the quick answer!

Am 03.02.2013 13:46, schrieb Robby Stephenson:
> On 02/03/2013 03:28 AM, Forum wrote:
>> Where is the data stored by tellico locally?
>> (I could not find any information for this up to now)
> It's all just in a file. So if you can access the file from multiple computers, that would work. But there's no safe 
> way for multiple people to edit the database at the same time, so you would need to make sure edits didn't get 
> overwritten.

I am running Debian on all PC's.
The server has Apache, Samba and FTP File Server.
There are some ways to mount such a server access locally as path.
This could be done readonly also.

So this would work for a read-access?
For writing the client should change the connection to read/write when he wants to add information.

> The images can be written to the .tc file as well, but that's relatively slow. The second option is that Tellico can 
> store them in a directory relative to the .tc data file, which would probably be best for you.

Then the pictures will be saved separately simply?
I think that would be no problem.

> Robby

Up to now i found no other application with such a nice functionality and the possibility for use in a intranet.
Another advantage is that packages for Debian are existant.
But the usage should be save enough when i try this way.

What will happen when the write of the file is disturbed?
Can it be repaired or just a backup of a previous version will help?


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