[Tellico-users] Tellico+Korganizer

Robby Stephenson robby at periapsis.org
Wed Mar 21 05:37:49 UTC 2012

On 03/20/2012 01:31 PM, kostiagol at yandex.ru wrote:
> I can't add loans reminder to Korganizer in KDE 4.8
> Fresh Kubuntu installation with KDE 4.8 from PPA repository (with all akondi
> and all kdepim packges). I had to compile Tellico 2.3.5 from sources, because
> original in Kubuntu repositories (2.3.3) don't have korganizer integration at
> all.
> Compillation output said something about kabc and callendar todo's deprecated
> When I tried to Checkout-out a book, Tellico works only with addressbook
> stored in $home/.kde/share/apps/kabc/std.vcf file. The new Akonadi way is not
> supported?

Right. I haven't kept up with all the Akonadi development or the 
integration with Nepomuk. Tellico's integration with the addressbook and 
calendar is probably rather old, and as you note, there are plenty of 
deprecated warnings when you compile it.

> And the main problem: it doesn't find my korganizer resource, it shows in
> konsole:
>> tellico(3020) Tellico::CalendarHandler::StdCalendar::StdCalendar: unable to
> create local calendar
>> tellico(3020) Tellico::CalendarHandler::addLoans:  no resource calendar
> I can't understand, the problem is in Telloco, Akonadi, Kubuntu packagers or
> my setup? I tried to make different options, and resourse types in Korganizer,
> Akonadi settings and sistemsettings-personal-resources, nothing helps.

The problem is probably Tellico. Or rather, Tellico just hasn't been 
updated to the new way of doing things with the calendar, and kdepim 
doesn't seem to be backwards compatible in that respect.

And to the question of when or if Tellico will be updated for that, I 
have to admit that it's rather low on my priority list. Integration with 
KDEPIM is rather poorly documented and I could only get it to work with 
a lot of trial and error.


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