[Tellico-users] Debugging the Amazon problem

Robby Stephenson robby at periapsis.org
Sun Mar 18 00:34:41 UTC 2012

Hi everyone,

I could use some help from anyone who is having a problem searching 
Amazon and is comfortable recompiling Tellico on their own. My poor 
man's method of debugging some of the data sources is to have the reply 
written out to a tmp file. I can then look at that file and work on the 
XSL needed for Tellico to import the data. When I release a version of 
Tellico, I turn that off.

So if you want to help me out, line 434 of src/fetch/amazonfetcher.cpp 
has "#if 0". Change that to "#if 1" and then recompile and run Tellico. 
Do an Amazon search, and Tellico will write a file in /tmp called 
test1.xml. Send me that file. I'm assuming you have a /tmp directory, of 

I can take a look at the file and see what error message is in it, or 
what might be happening to cause a search failure.

Once you're done debugging, you should probably change the line back so 
you don't get tmp files written for all your Amazon searches.


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