[Tellico-users] How to use a web-cam to scan ISBN bar-code?

Stefan Hennig stefan.hennig at gmail.com
Sun Apr 8 13:11:00 UTC 2012


I am trying to use Tellico to organize my library of about 2000 books.
One of the crucial features was the ability to scan a bar-code using the 
web-cam of my HP635 notebook.
The webcam is usable as /dev/video0 in VLC and in Skype, but the 
check-box in the configuration settings of Tellico is not accessible and 
always grayed out.
The scanning-feature of Tellico is not even mentioned in the help-files 
so I don't even know where to look.

Any help is very appreciated.

I am using Tellico 2.3.3 and 64bit Ubuntu (Ubuntu 3.0.0-12.20-generic 
3.0.4). The webcam is reported as HP-101.

Thank you for your support!

   Stefan Hennig

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