[Tellico-users] Re: barcode compilation issue

Alex Lancaster alexl at users.sourceforge.net
Thu Feb 24 22:38:57 UTC 2011

> Hi Again, Alex,
> Ok, I had a look, and it appears that the webcam stuff uses the
> deprecated v4l API, which was removed from the 2.6.38 kernel. However,
> it looks like libv4l does provide a compatibility wrapper to access
> v4l2
> devices through the v4l1 API, including the relevant header. The
> attached patch, which I'm about to commit should allow you to compile
> and test if it works.

Thanks Regis,

I'm doing some Fedora test builds now.  Will this patch be backwards
compatible?  i.e. will it be safe to commit to Fedora branches that
have kernel version < 2.6.38?


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