[Tellico-users] Re: Tellico Namespace Errors When Searching the Z39.50 ADS Server

Robby Stephenson robby at periapsis.org
Tue Feb 1 06:02:03 UTC 2011

Hi Nathan,

I apologize for the late reply.

You're right, it does appear to be a namespace issue. The z39.50 searching 
goes through a somewhat complicated process of being converted from MODS to 
MARC to XML, so there are certainly plenty of points where the XSLT can get 

What are the options you're using for the ADS z39.50 target so I can do some 
testing myself? (database name, character set, etc.?)

In the meantime, though it's not as flexible, you could take a shot using a 
script I wrote a while back, if you were interested. 


On Wednesday 12 January 2011, Nathan Clarke wrote:
> In Tellico's data source properties, I added a new Z39.50 data source
> for the ADS Astronomy Database (hosted on z3950.adsabs.harvard.edu).
> However, when I attempt to perform a search (using key words that I know
> are in the ADS data base), I get no results, and in the shell (from
> where I launched Tellico) I see lots of error messages of the form below:
> namespace error : Namespace prefix dc on description is not defined
> n>http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2011AAS...21714304M</dc:relation><dc:desc
> ription
> I am no XML expert, but this appears to be some sort of XML namespace
> issue.
> Can you offer any advice on this?  Is there any way that I can fix it?

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