[Tellico-users] CD/DVD cataloging

Robby Stephenson robby at periapsis.org
Thu Jul 8 14:53:33 UTC 2010

On Wednesday 07 July 2010, Zsolt Udvari wrote:
> Hm. Maybe I do it wrong, but the mp3 metadata doesn't include... I use
> "File -> Import -> File list". The thumbnails are created. When I use
> File -> Import -> Audio metadata, I can't set on which cd/dvd are the
> files. Is there any way?

I just tried for the mp3 metadata and I see your point, it's not getting 
added. I'll poke at that and see what's going on.

For the  Audio file metadata, that creates a music collection instead of a 
file collection, and you should be able to select the folder where the mp3 
files are on the CD/DVD. The disc would have to be mounted.


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