[Tellico-users] Segmentation faults Debian Squeeze?

Regis Boudin regis at boudin.name
Wed Jan 27 15:35:27 UTC 2010

Hi Peter,

On Wed, January 27, 2010 14:50, Peter Alcibiades wrote:
> I'm getting reproducible segmentation faults and crash with Debian
> Squeeze,
> so this is 2.x, the latest packaged version.  Two questions:
> 1)  Is anyone else getting this?

I'm not. Running Sid, though, but I haven't managed to crash tellico 2.x
for a while, now.

> 2)  How do I go back to 1.3.5 on Debian.  I tried to compile from source
> but it told me I had no suitable C compiler.

I would be much more interested in a way to reproduce the segmentation
faults so we can fix it, and I can upload a fixed version in Debian.

If you really want to compile 1.3.5, you will need at least
build-essential, kdelibs4-dev, plus debhelper if you want to build it as a
package, and other bits if you want the optional features.


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