[Tellico-users] Would it be possible to split out the "webcam" logic into separate RPM ?

Matthew Soffen (tellico) sirgeek-tellico at mrsucko.org
Wed Feb 10 17:46:42 UTC 2010

> Hello,
> The code is experimental and shouldn't be enabled in distributed
> packages...
> Two rpms does not make sense, but a simple switch to enable/disable the
> code
> would be good.
> Do you have a tv-tuner card or s.th. else inside your pc? If no capture
> device
> is installed, the code disables itself.

However it is in the default Distros (because the in the Spec file the
logic IS enabled).

And the reason I suggested 2 rpms is that it would be similar to how other
applications work (i.e. php - php-common, php-gd, php-mysql, etc.)

And, Yes. I do have a TV Tuner card in my machine (so it is defaulting to
using that).

At the very least, having the enable/disable toggle would be a wonderful

Sir Geek aka Matt

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