[Tellico-users] Would it be possible to split out the "webcam" logic into separate RPM ?

Sebastian Held sebastian.held at gmx.de
Wed Feb 10 17:05:57 UTC 2010


The code is experimental and shouldn't be enabled in distributed packages...
Two rpms does not make sense, but a simple switch to enable/disable the code 
would be good.

Do you have a tv-tuner card or s.th. else inside your pc? If no capture device 
is installed, the code disables itself.


Am Mittwoch 10 Februar 2010 17:55:38 schrieb Matthew Soffen (tellico):
> Good Morning All,
> I was curious.   Would it be possible to split Tellico into 2 base RPMs ?
> A tellico RPM, and a tellico-webcam RPM (or pkg, etc).
> The reason I ask is that currently the webcam code doesn't appear to work
> on Fedora.  As soon as you open the "Search" box, it opens a window that
> is filled with snow and it starts filling in the UPC block with random
> text.
> I've had to rebuild the package and explicitly disable the Webcam logic.
> If it were a separate RPM (i.e. a separate lib that gets loaded at run
> time), it would make it better for people like me (I could see if its
> working, and if it isn't then I can remove the RPM and have no ill
> effects).
> What do you think ?
> Sir Geek aka Matt
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