[Tellico-users] Automatic crash report generated by DrKonqi for Tellico.

Nolwenn donolwenn at gmail.com
Fri Aug 27 06:34:32 UTC 2010

Le jeudi 26 août 2010 15:58:59, Robby Stephenson a écrit :
> Can you walk me through the exact steps to reproduce the crash? I've not
> yet preroduced it. I know it's asking a lot, but in as much detail as you
> can. Something like
> 1. File->Import CSV
> 2. Click "Replace current collection"
> 3. Change type to wine collection
> 4. Change delimiter to semicolon
> 5.. etc etc.
> Thanks!
> Robby

I try to reproduce the crash but unsucessfully, sorry… The steps are like you wrote plus switch to 
the second column with the arrow.

Otherwise, I think I found an other bug, if a column not correspond to any default field we can 
create a new field. After creation, the list not show the new field. 


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