[Tellico-users] Filtering on tables

Louis Bohn lbohn007 at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 1 08:28:24 UTC 2010

Louis Bohn <lbohn007 at ...> writes:

[^ ] was not correct, after all.  Nearly all my filters updated correctly until
one of my last filters wasn't filtering out an entry correctly.  The regex
filter appeared to be matching the first two columns of one row and the last
column of the next row.  Obviously the whitespace was not correctly substituting
for the end-of-row character I needed to prevent that.

I tried some permutations of 0x2028 and found that escaping the hex gave me what
I needed.  The regex engine sees "\x2028" as the end-of-row character.  My
filter criteria now look like "ValueA:[^\x2028]*:ValueB" and all seems to be
back to normal.

Thanks again!


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